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Upgrading Domino Designer to Feature Pack 8 IF 1 Notes

For the most part, the install went successful.  Our admin Tom Hillebrand (Surf Domino) setup a SmartUpgrade which allowed me to select the install.

You will need to have administrative privileges to your laptop.

It took about 15 minutes.

Java / XPages Plugins

After the install, some of my plugins have been disabled.  XPages Debug Toolbar was one of them. This is noticeable when you try building one of your XPages applications and it complains some plugins are missing.

With the help from Martin Jinoch, he pointed me to the “Application Management” dialog.  To access this dialog, in Domino Designer, go to File > Application > Application Management.

After restart, try building your app again, it should not complain about this plugin anymore.  You can also go into Application Management and verify its enabled.

Howard Greenberg shared this link with me.  Talks about plugins


Java 8

You will also notice a new jvm folder, the old one was renamed to jvm1.6.

You can navigate to the ‘jvm/bin’ folder and run a java -version to verify you are using Java 8.