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Modern Domino Alive and Healthy

Today, November 3rd 2016, I attended the webinar “IBM Presents the IBM Notes and Domino Roadmap”.  I was excited to hear and relay the announcement that Domino is alive and healthy.  I wanted to share with you what I took away from the webinar.

IBM shared a roadmap for Domino to 2021.  It is important to note that 2021 is not an end date.  It is a “committed” date of features IBM will deliver.  This also means IBM has allocated resources to get it done.  IBM will be dropping versioning and major releases to move to a more agile continuous delivery model.  This means, you are using Domino feature pack xxxxx.  It is costly to go through a major release change.  Think about all the documentation, website content, and printed materials that need to be changed holding back delivery?  Domino features can be delivered much quicker with this new model.  Microsoft is also adopting the same strategy, Windows 10 will be the last release of Windows.  Going forward, it will be update packs.  Google has been doing this for a while.  What version of Chrome are you using? I don’t know mine either, its just Chrome.  It’s always the latest.

IBM Connect 2017 will have game changing announcements for everyone.  Make sure to attend this conference.

IBM will be releasing feature enhancements about every quarter moving the platform forward.  Some updates may be more for development and others for client facing or server side.  The end goal is a holistic experience using IBM Verse, IBM Connections, Cloud services and XPages applications.  You can see evidence of it with the current Bluemix tooling they have added to IBM Domino Designer and the UX between Verse and Connections.

It has been a busy 2016 for IBM and 2017 and onward will be even busier to keep up with their promises.

Platform will support Linux (60% of market), Unix, and Windows.  If your running Domino on the iSeries, its not on the list.  Reach out now and be heard

Platform will support ADFS 3.0

IBM Verse and Connections

IBM Verse will be available for on premises customers.

  • Cloud customers will get IBM Watson personal assistant and advisor integrated into their messaging.  There are no plans for Watson on premises customers.
  • IBM Migrated 486,000 IBMer mail files into the cloud in 7 months.  Wow.  They will be committed to Domino for another 25 years.

IBM Domino

  • Feature Pack 7 released Sept 2016
  • Feature Pack 8 scheduled for 1Q2016
  • Feature Pack 9 is sizing, submit a request to IBM now to get your bug or feature prioritized.
  • Extended MS Outlook support.  IBM should have done this a long time ago.  2nd Quarter 2016.
  • If your on 8.5.  You have 2 years to move to 9.0.1.
  • Show Internet Address in place of Notes Name.

IBM XPages Development or soon to be App.Next?

Domino applications are moving to Bluemix.  XPages is your server side framework based on JSF.  All resources are committed to this.  Today, Domino Designer has the tooling to quickly deploy your XPages application in the cloud.  Its a 20 minute process if you have a Bluemix account.

Platform updates are coming through the feature packs, expect something every quarter.  One cool feature is the View Control (UIComponent) has infinite scrolling :)

  • Upgrade to Java 8 (XPages, ManagedBeans, Java Agents)
  • Upgrade Designer IDE to Latest Eclipse 4.x (Web tools Platform, EGit, SCN, CVS, ect..).  You will be allowed to use the latest Eclipse community projects.
  • Integrated OpenNTF enhancements into Feature Packs.  This means your cool solutions can end up in a enterprise application as a feature.  How rewarding is that.
  • Source control support with Swiper integration
  • Support ADFS 3.0
  • Increase Document size limit to 16 MB
  • New API to give Java, Javascript and LotusScript access to ID Vault.
  • View indexes are being moved outside the NSF.

What was mentioned by a caller and very important is Web sockets.  Real time web is here today.  No need to be refreshing your browser to see the latest information.  This needs to be added to one of the Feature Packs.  Imagine how impressed your users will be when they see a field on a form just change or a growl message fly out some one did something.  Real time web will wow your users.

I can tell you after providing collaborative solutions for over 18 years.  Its never been a better time like now to be an XPages developer baking in Cognitive and RAD Collaboration tools to solve business problems.